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January 2022

January 2022 Meeting Minutes

January 2022

Feb 4, 2022
meeting opened at 2:20
meeting adjourned at 3:05

Michelle Velarde (K-1 grades)
Hui Wang (Sophia and Vincent)
Heather Fisher (Sequoia)
Ms. Stancliffe (lead teacher)
Ms. Roberts (4-5th grade)
Kathleen Heaton (Amelia)
LeeAnn Loss (Bella and Lincoln)

Blue Diamond qualified for Title 1, more funding👍 more paperwork👎
To make up for the 5 day pause, students will now have classes on Monday, February 7, 2022, and Monday, April 25, 2022.

Feb 7, school in session
Feb 14, Gift Bag decorating party in courtyard, PTO come at 1:00 to help set up tables and decor outside, kids decorate gift bags and exchange Valentines. Bring Valentines with “from” not “to” filled out for 30 kids and 9 teachers/staff. Kathleen making sign up Genius for parents to volunteer to bring: gift bags, tape, glue sticks, stickers, Valentine decor, doilies, felt sheets, hearts, wrapping paper. School will provide markers and scissors. Also on sign up form, healthy snacks: veggie tray x 2, fruit tray x 3, deli tray x 3 (meat, cheese, crackers), tongs, toothpicks. Activity followed by freeplay on playground.
Feb 14-25 reading contest, Ice Cream Sunday party on the 25th. Contest is based on reading times. How many minutes read, first earn a spoon, then bowl, then ice cream then toppings. Need donations for toppings. Kathleen doing a sign up genius for this too. Ice Cream Party: bananas, bowls, spoons, chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, gummy bears, mochis, sprinkles, cherries, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream.
Feb. 21, Monday, President’s Day, no school
April 20-28th, SVAC testing, the school is graded on this test
Spring Break, No school from April 9 (sat) through April 18 (mon). Come back on the 19th a Tuesday.
April 25th used be a break now it’s not.
Thurs-Friday May 19-20th potential Talent Show date, based on Quonset Hut availability (Heather checking), practices for school talent will be held outside and dress rehearsal will be after school on Thursday, May 19.

Running Club Mondays and Wednesdays: Marathon Challenge. Between now and the end of the year, the kids are welcome to join a club challenge to run a marathon (26.2 miles) in 1/4 mile increments (not all at once). We will mark out a 1/4 mile course on campus that they can do during mask breaks/free time, and a 1/4 mile course that they can do during running club after school on Mondays and Wednesdays. We will track and add up all their 1/4 mile laps until they get to a marathon distance. That is 105 laps. (If that’s too much, kids could sign up for the half marathon challenge at 53 laps.) Miss Roberts and Heather Fisher will lead running club on Mondays and Miss Stancliff and one parent (let us know if you can) will lead on Wednesdays. If your child enrolls in the running club, your after school pick up time on Mondays and Wednesdays will be 3:00pm. The club members will make up a team name and logo and we will print it on a team shirt for them to wear at a 5k race. After school practices will include stretching, warm up and cool down time, and runs starting at 10 minutes and building up to 30 minutes by the time we are ready to do a 5k race. A nearby race we could shoot for is the Deja Vu Recycled 5k race at Mountain’s Edge Regional Park at 9:30am, Saturday, May 7, 2022. Ms. Roberts will create the necessary club paperwork, including pick up time, code of conduct and release form.

NEXT MEETING (always the first Friday of the month, unless otherwise noted)
Friday, March 4, 2:15pm in Ms. Roberts’ room.

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