School Organizational Team Information

As part of the reorganization of the Clark County School District, our school will form a School Organizational Team that includes parents and guardians. Members will be elected by a vote of all parents and guardians at the school. Your input is important to the success of our school and students. Please take time to consider how you can be involved in this process and make your voice heard at our school!

Election Time!!
It is time for the annual election of SOT members. Please take a moment to read the information about the role and responsibility of the SOT members. All families will receive an email with a link to nominate either yourself or another person. Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to nominate yourself, if you are interested in serving.

The role of the School Organizational Team:

  • Assist and advise in the development of the plan of operation (budget and school performance plan each spring).

  • Provide continued assistance and advice to the principal in carrying out the plan of operation.

  • Assist with the selection of the next principal when there is a vacancy.  


Requirements for School Organizational Team members:

  • Attend meetings at least once per month, which will be conducted outside of the school instructional time  

  • Make decisions and vote with the whole school population in mind.

  • The term of the team is through September 2022 (unless your child no longer attends the school) Serve on the team for a minimum of 1 year; members must be reelected every year, but there is currently no limit on the number of years a parent or guardian can be a team member

  • Cultivate and use collaboration and consensus building abilities.

Our school will be made better each year when families become involved. Please provide the name and contact information of a nominee interested in serving. Please note, you are able to nominate yourself!!!

This form must be submitted NO LATER THAN September 22, 2021 @4:00 pm. If we have more candidates than openings, we will have an election. Information about an election (if needed) will be emailed to each family. Please contact Blue Diamond Elementary at 702-875-4226 for more information.