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September 2021

September 2021 Meeting Minutes

September 2021

Sept 3, 2021 meeting opened at 2:15 meeting adjourned at 2:45
LeeAnn Loss Heather Fisher Steffanie Gray Kathleen Heaton Ms. Erika Roberts (4-5 teacher)
Ms. Deb Stancliff (responsible teacher and learning strategist) David Hinz Hui Wang
EMAIL/TEXT CHECK IN Audree Willardsen Nikki and Thomas Seubert
TREASURER’S REPORT Two new treasurers elected today, so no report yet.
Elections:  Steffanie Gray, Parent Treasurer,  Ms. Stancliff, Staff Treasurer
Heather Fisher, President and Secretary (until someone volunteers :))

Minutes will be posted to the facebook page and the school website Blue Diamond Elementary School PTO facebook is a closed account, so please request to be added here:

ANNOUNCEMENTS Kathleen Heaton has been certified as a substitute teacher, the necessary qualifications for running an after-school program at Blue Diamond. The hours will be 2:15-4:00pm M-Th. The program is outdoor active playtime, then snack time, then projects and homework. This is all tentative until we get principal approval. We will send out an email announcement if/when it gets approved. Thank you Kate!

2021-22 School Staffing (8 adults for 31 students) We love our school! Principal: Christine Vasquez Responsible Teacher and Learning Strategist: Deb Stancliff K-1: Miss Michelle Velarde 2-3: Miss Anemette Taylor 4-5: Miss Erika Roberts Miss Kate Turner: Breakfast/Lunch Miss Lacey Johnson: Support Staff Miss Jennifer Urrutia: Support Staff Miss Donna McCue: Custodian Miss Juliet Chaney: nurse (on campus as needed)

School Open House, TBA, waiting on word from the new Principal Sept Sept. 6, Monday, Labor Day, no school
COMMUNITY Weekly story time at the Blue Diamond Library Gail Billingsley’s 90th Birthday, Saturday, September 4, Quonset Hut Check out Blue Diamond Villagers facebook page for more details. If you have a Blue Diamond address, email me to join. This is different than the Blue Diamond School facebook page.

TEACHERS’ GOALS/NEEDS/PROJECTS We will be sending around a sign-up list for supplies for the after-school program if/when it starts. NEXT MEETING Friday, October 1, 2:15p.m. in the teacher’s lounge: planning for Fall Fest School Open House TBA

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